Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Dry Sponge Test Cleaning

Soot is shown on our dry sponge during test cleaning so we know what areas must be cleaned. This is a critical pre-testing stage prior to beginning any smoke damage loss. 

Smoke Damage

Smoke damaged caused by electrical fire. This job will require many services that we provide from cleaning to reconstruction. A variety of services were performed with this claim to include new walls and flooring.

Wind Damage

As storms rolled through Hardy, Arkansas the roof of this building was severely damaged. While we don't do commercial roofing we were called to address the large amount of water that entered the structure. Two floors of water damage affecting multiple rooms. Many structural materials were damaged and had to be removed followed by drying the structure. 

Flood Damage

This is the result of a flood job near Pocahontas, Arkansas in May 2017. As 6-7 feet of water intruded this level of a home you can see clearly the effects of a heavy rain storm. The contents were destroyed and the entire structure of porous materials had to be removed. Once all demo was completed we were able to dry the wood framing and concrete walls/flooring using air movers and dehumidifiers. 

Flood Cleanup

In May of 2017 a local church in Pocahontas, Arkansas called us to professionally cleanup the severe flood damage that their building sustained. We completed the demolition of all non-salvageable materials and disinfected all salvageable contents and framing. After the building was successfully dried we returned the key so that they could begin their own reconstruction efforts. 

Scoping a Water Loss

Production Manager and Estimator just completed a walkthrough of the facility from a roof leak. Production crew was called within a couple hours to extract, remove wet materials as needed and setup drying equipment. After two days of drying we removed all equipment and cleaned the carpet.