Water Damage Photo Gallery


Containment is used to close off the attic following the ceiling demolition so that we have a closed drying environment for the water loss. This is discussed through our IICRC training for our industry.

Drying Wet Walls

Walls are being dried with airmovers and a dehumidifier. In some cases in is not necessary to remove base trim but every job is different. We use our moisture meters to find all hidden moisture.

Hardwood Flooring

Cold temperatures caused many frozen pipes this year that led to multiple water losses in Jonesboro, Arkansas and surrounding cities within North East Arkansas. As you can see water damage can affect many materials and even that precious hardwood flooring. It is imperative that immediate steps be taken to remove the excess water and begin drying the hardwood. 

Unattended Water Damage

What can begin as a known issue of water intrusion can often lead to disaster if left unattended. When you notice water inside your home please take the time to repair the source causing the damage and either cleanup the water yourself or call a professional like SERVPRO to handle the job. Even as much as 72 hours left unattended can cause secondary damage to what was unaffected materials or mold growth. Had the water damage been addressed in the beginning there may not have been a need to remove so many porous materials.

Ice Maker Leak

Often not thought about but an ice maker line can leak and not be seen for weeks or even months. These are mostly slow leaks but sometimes can rupture and be seen immediately. When pulling your refrigerator out for routine cleaning be sure that you don't move it too far. Some of the ice maker lines are rather short. Be certain on the distance you can move the appliance to prevent turning a happy cleaning moment into calling your local SERVPRO franchise. 

Starting a new water damage

Crew is gathering supplies needed to begin water extraction and setup temporary power distribution for drying services. We had several employees show up a this loss within a couple of hours of our site visit. We were on a limited time frame so work had to begin immediately.