Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

New Flooring

New floor installed following insurance claim. By using SERVPRO of Jonesboro for a turn-key project our customers are saved the time of having to find multiple companies for their loss. 

Awaiting Demo

Job is awaiting demo for damages following insurance claim. This was a wonderful project following a devastating fire loss. While there is much grief initially by our customers we are so happy to offer full service. The end result is generally an upgrade to their home.

Unexpected Mold

While working on a normal clean water loss we sometimes run into unexpected mold growth. In this scenario we found that in a mechanical room there must have been issues controlling the humidity levels that cause mold growth on the drywall. We know that the mold didn't result from the water loss we were called to based on the time frame of the loss date. We found mold growth and had to change course and direction on proceeding with the job. We used containment at this point to prevent the spread of mold spores to unaffected rooms of the building. After discussing with the customer we were asked to proceed and handle the job professionally and correctly. 

Crawlspace Mold

I'm personally opposed to installing insulation in a crawlspace as it can trap and hold moisture against the sub floor. Sometimes leaks can go unnoticed especially if it's a slow leak or a leak between the floors. In this photo we describe a slow ongoing leak that the customer didn't know about for months until someone was working in the crawlspace. By the time the leak was discovered much of the insulation had fallen and mold growth had begun on the underside of the sub floor and joist. Sometimes, slow leaks with signs of mold and rot are not covered by you homeowners insurance policy. Inspect your crawlspace often and address any leaks right away. 

Wall Cavity Mold

Mold can be found in many places. Often times a customer thinks the mold that they can see is all there is. This photo proves that once the drywall was removed we can see the presence of mold on the backside of drywall for the opposite room. All mold must be removed to complete a thorough mold remediation project.

It's the damage you can't always see!

Mold can often be referred to as what we can see is the 'Tip of the Iceberg." As you can see once the drywall was removed in one room we were able to see that the adjoining room was also affected. Mold situations are hard to estimate and know upfront all of the work that may need to be completed. We always go 2' beyond the last visible mold to ensure there isn't more in the wall cavity. Our employees always wear PPE for health and safety reasons during mold remediation projects.