Commercial Photo Gallery

Sunroom Addition

Customer in Trumann, Arkansas hired our reconstruction team to complete a sunroom addition. This was a beautiful project not associated with an insurance claim. Yes, we can perform all your home remodeling projects. 

Floor Removal

Engineered wood flooring removed, which was glued down, to prep concrete for new wood floor installation following a water damage in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We can handle all repairs that result from your insurance claim.


We were called to a commercial office building in Jonesboro, Arkansas following a fire damage. The fire was on the exterior of the building but burned into the interior. While there was no soot in the building there was an odor. We placed two air scrubbers with HEPA filtration along with activated charcoal filters to assist with the odor removal. While the air scrubbers helped eliminate some of the odor unfortunately the odor still persisted after a few days. The customer was hopeful and willing for us to attempt the odor removal even prior to making repairs to assist the tenants of the building. This is a good reminder that while we have the tools and equipment to make commercial fire damage "Like it never even happened." the source of the odor must first be removed. 


Working at a Pharmacy in Osceola, Arkansas we had to be creative to limit their business interruption. Most Pharmacies have a built in platform in the Tech area. Water migration intruded the air space beneath the platform and had to be dried. We were able to use injected airflow machines and the heat ducted from the dehumidifier to successfully dry beneath the platform. 

Contents Cleaning & Disinfecting

We are sometimes called upon to clean contents and specifically upholstered chairs. Our cleaning process provides the customer with a thorough clean and disinfected item. With high traffic and many employees commercial contents need to be cleaned periodically.  

Decreasing Repair Cost & Business Interruption

In a commercial setting business interruption is a major concern. In the photo attached we needed to extract water from the C-Channel metal framing. We were able to only cut the drywall at the height of the base trim to minimize the customer's interruption but also save them on repair cost.