Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Water Heater Damage

One of the most common water claims we see are related to the water heater. Common issues are that the release valve malfunctions and comes off, the bottom of the water heater rust out, the copper lines freeze and burst or in this case the copper lines simply came apart due to age likely from minor moisture over time. Water heaters have a life expectancy and should be checked.

Water Under the Wall

Have you ever thought about checking an adjoining room for water damage. The theory is true, wet goes to dry. Fortunately, the customer for this job in Cave City, Arkansas did just that. They had pulled back the carpet prior to our arrival. As you can see the subfloor up against the base trim is wet.

Roof Tarp

This garage had a fire loss that burned through the roof decking and into the shingles in Jonesboro, Arkansas. At SERVPRO of Jonesboro we provide all types of roof tarps.  Tarps will generally provide a temporary repair until the job can be fully reconstructed.

Sump Pump Failure

Often times basements or low areas of a home have a sump pump to remove any excess water that may enter the structure. It is very important to have these inspected periodically. This is a sump pump that failed during a recent flood. Because the pump didn't function as it should have the basement took on several inches of standing flood water that caused a significant amount of damage.

Water Damaged Base Trim

You can visually see that this base trim has been affected by water damage. It has absorbed the moisture into the wood. The base trim in this instance was removed from the drywall so that adequate airmovers can dry the drywall and trim (if it is to be salvaged). Some base trim is made of MDF material and must be replaced when wet while solid wood base can often be salavaged and reused. 

Dehumidifier Run Time

It is critically important to have updated equipment to be used when performing water damage restoration. This is an hour meter from a Drieaz 7000 xli Dehumidifier. Once the dehumidifier is setup we record the hour meter in our proprietary software. We return to the home or business each day to monitor the materials that we are drying. During this documentation process we record the hour meter. It is imperative that the dehumidifier run 24/7/365 until the job is 100% dry. The dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air. If the hour meter doesn't add up to the run time since our last visit we know that it has either malfunctioned, had a power outage or someone turned it off.